specials: pheasantwood and milo 'uke sets

'Uke makers—here's something you're not likely to find at your local hardwoods store. These are sold as back-side sets. I can add a Sitka, Engelmann, or redwood top for a small upcharge.

Pheasant wood (Cassia siamea). We have some very rare and beautiful old-growth pheasantwood salvaged from a dead tree at Grove Ranch on Kauai. Very tight grain, dense, healthy wood, with pheasant figure pronounced on flat-sawn plates. Air-dried and seasoned since the 1990s. Discounted sets with a knot or bug hole available, please inquire.

Pheasantwood sets, while supply lasts:

soprano 36.00/AA, 46.00/AAA, 70.00/master

concert 40.00/AA, 60.00/AAA, 80.00/master

tenor 49.00/AA, 72.00/AAA, 100.00/master

baritone 59.00/AA, 86.00/AAA, 115.00/master

Milo (Thespesia populnea). Also available some rare and beautiful milo from the Big Island. Chocolate brown, fairly dense wood. Just a few sets on hand, please inquire.